Our Supporters

Hundreds of generous individuals have supported the UCI Libraries over the years, and for that we are grateful. With their help, the Libraries continues to advance research and education at UCI for students and faculty, and invest in the lifelong learning needs of our region.


Donor Honor Roll

Donor Honor Roll

As a token of our appreciation, we want to recognize these donors. Please take a moment to view their names here.

Donor Spotlight

Donor Spotlight

Ever wonder what leads people to give to the Libraries? Read the stories here that feature select library supporters to find out.


If you’re a UCI parent, alum, or local community member, and you’re a library supporter, thank you! Your support is especially meaningful to us. Click the links below to see how your support uniquely impacts the UCI Libraries.

Support from parents has helped build the UCI Libraries into the extraordinary resource it is today. Each day, thousands of students enter library buildings to use computers and books, work in groups, or study quietly. They depend on the Libraries' collections, services and spaces for inspiration and learning outside of the classroom. Whether it is doing research in the stacks, collaborating with classmates over an assignment, or napping in a quiet corner, students find what they need to thrive at the Libraries.

The tradition of support established by UCI parents for the Libraries helps ensure our students have access to the information resources and study spaces they need to explore, discover, and advance our communities. Over 50% of the Libraries' annual donors are UCI parents - a statement of their belief in the importance of the Libraries, the university, and community at large.

Support from alumni ensures that the Libraries remain the campus’ gateway to knowledge, whereby our students and our university can advance to even greater success!

We sincerely appreciate the support of all Anteaters as it reflects both their understanding of the fundamental role the Libraries play in the lives of students, and the importance of giving back and impacting the growing academic reputation of their alma mater. As the primary intellectual resource for the campus, the Libraries help fulfill UCI's commitment to excellence, to remain competitive with peer institutions, and to attract the very best faculty and students.

Support and involvement from young alumni is especially meaningful as they make up a large percentage of all undergraduate alumni and are key to the strength and ongoing excellence of the Libraries.

We are grateful for the support of our community friends who truly value knowledge and lifelong learning. Whether you live nearby or farther away, the Libraries are a critical intellectual and cultural resource for our region, and play an important role in advancing research and education in our community.

Library friends are made up of members of the larger community, faculty, instructors, teachers, staff and retirees. All appreciate the important resources a research library provides to improve the lives of our citizens, corporations and organizations in the surrounding area.

Hundreds of community patrons enter our libraries each day, using computers and books, getting reference help, or studying quietly. Like our students, they depend on our collections and services for their educational experiences, professional development, and retirement enrichment.