Vol 24 | No 1 | Fall 16
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Donor Spotlight- Professor Emeritus Nancy Lee Ruyter

ImageIn 1982, the dance position at UCI that Professor Emeritus Nancy Lee Ruyter applied for seemed like it might be her "dream job," and it turned out to be exactly that.

And, after 32 years as a dance professor, it has been "[her] love, respect, and interest in UCI and its programs," that inspired professor Ruyter to include the UCI Libraries in her estate plans.

Through a gift from her estate, the UCI Libraries will establish the Nancy Lee Ruyter Library Fund which will provide support for the preservation, management, growth, and research use of the UCI Libraries Dance Collections, including professor Ruyter's own scholarly materials, which she has also donated to the UCI Libraries.

Her advice to others who may be contemplating making a gift to the libraries, now or through their estate is that this is, "a very valuable contribution to make to education, to knowledge, to research."

Informing the University of her Estate Plans has not only provided the opportunity to recognize professor Ruyter for her generosity, it has also allowed us to remain connected with her to discuss aspects of the organization and administration of her gift.

If you are interested in learning about ways in which you may recognize the UCI Libraries as a beneficiary of your estate or trust, please visit UCI Planned Giving or contact Wendi Morner, Director of Development at wmorner@uci.edu or 949-824-8904.